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Galveston Port View

Port View of Galveston

Founded in 2017 by a group of writers, editors, and artists, Dawnbreaker Press is an independent publishing collective based in Galveston, Texas. Our collective mission means that each member of the press has a personal investment in the work we do through profit-sharing. Additionally, Dawnbreaker Press donates 10% of its profits to charitable and community initiatives.

As a general trade publisher, we publish in most genres and categories with the exception of contemporary romance fiction. Our royalty rates and publishing arrangements are offered on author-friendly terms.

Dawnbreaker Press is committed to supporting American jobs and ethically-sound labor practices. Due to the prevalence of worker exploitation and unsafe working conditions in overseas manufacturing, we only print and do business in countries that have verifiable, appropriate labor laws and regulations. While this means our costs are much higher since we don't outsource to cheap labor, Dawnbreaker Press chooses to pay the extra cost.

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