First off, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for thinking of us.

However, we do not have a donate button and the press does not accept cash donations directly. The best way for you to support us, our authors, and our mission, is to buy our books. Better yet, buy directly from us! We make more money on direct sales, which means more money we can put back into the business and into our authors' pockets. If you do not want a print edition, most of our titles are distributed as e-books and are available at pretty much every e-book retailer and web store.

While the press does not take donations directly, you may consider sponsoring one of our author's titles.

You can sponsor a book in one of two ways. The best method is to sign-up for our email list, as we periodically host crowd-funding campaigns for our authors to raise funds for them and their books. These funds and donations are specifically for that author, so it gives your donation a clearer and more measurable impact.

Alternatively, you can email and inquire about sponsoring an author or book directly. Since we plan crowd-funding campaigns around our book projects anyways, we usually recommend that you hang tight and look for the announcement in our email newsletter. Plus, you'll have the chance to get freebies and other swag during these campaigns!


And lastly, if you want to support any of your other favorite authors or indie presses (and there are tons worthy of support) then buy their books!


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