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Andrew Allan's Adult Picture Book Series

Updated: Sep 24, 2019


Andrew Allan is an author of picture books for adults: short, illustrated stories told in a traditional picture book format that deal with themes and situations indicative to grown-up life. Relationships, pursuing one's goals and dreams, dealing with difficult people and situations are just a few examples of themes that he explores in his stories. Additionally, Allan describes himself as a poet, philosopher, and occasional "doodler!"

Allan's series begins with his two upcoming titles, The Impossible Dream Killer and The Arrogant Donkey.

The Arrogant Donkey, the first of Allan's adult picture book series, is a story that explores acceptance, persecution, and hypocrisy in a comedic (though serious) fashion. We meet the donkey as he encounters other animals for the first time, and he has a thing or two to say that will set them "right" ...

The Impossible Dream Killer, the second in Allan's series, is a story about an evil dream killer who preys on the aspirations of children in their sleep. It is a funny, gloomy narrative that reminds us of those voices that constantly put down the dreams and goals of others... though Allan has something else in store for the Dream Killer and his prey in this book.

Andrew Allan
Author, Poet, Philosopher, and "Doodler," Andrew Allan.

"I started writing these in college as a way of venting about these situations," Allan says. "I hope readers will understand and be able to empathize with the stories' messages and what I'm trying to say. I think everyone will be able to relate back to those 'arrogant donkeys' and 'dream killers' in their lives."

Allan's books are illustrated by Brandon Weiner of Red Frames Studio. In an interview he shared his thoughts on the projects:

"Working on these books have been a great experience. When I first read the stories, I found them interesting and funny and was really excited to get the chance to bring them to life. The stories are unique, which is great because it leaves a lot to the imagination and makes them a joy to work on. The process has felt so natural, too. Reading through each page, I just draw what feels right—and usually I only need to draw them once—and so far, each illustration has been met with positive feedback from everyone who has seen them. I couldn't ask for a better working dynamic!

"Andrew seems really passionate about the stories he's telling and I'm glad I can help him bring them to life."

Brandon's other artwork and his studio's website can be found at

These two titles are just the beginning of Allan's ten-part adult picture book series. Both are available for pre-order directly from Dawnbreaker Press's bookstore. They are expected to release by summer of 2019 and will be available at every major online book retailer, including Amazon and Barnes & Noble.


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